Fisica y Matematica de los Sistemas Complejos

    The goal of my research is to understand the behavior of complex systems from a conceptual/fundamental point of view. I focus mainly on systems that are not amenable to study using traditional reductionist methods. In such systems the reductionist approach classifies the anomalies as noise or accidents. But, sometimes, these anomalies are very important ingredients for the apparition of new features. It is often possible to deduce principled causes for these emergent behaviors: nonlinear dynamics and intrinsic stochastic interactions are two strong candidates.
    I am developing a research program that focuses on emerging phenomena, stochastic and nonlinear dynamics applied to the appearance of innovations in diversified environments. Also, an important part of my agenda is the interaction with artists, to create new environments for transdisciplinary collaborations.

    Miguel Fuentes, Investigador ISCV

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